Povedák István (szerk.) Heroes and Celebrities

Povedák István (szerk.): Heroes and Celebrities in Central- and Eastern Europe

"Heroes and Celebrities in Central and Eastern Europe" is a fascinating collection of articles on topics as diverse as outlaw heroes, national holidays, football hooliganism, and Serbian paramilitaries. It is a serious and groundbreaking exploration of the idea of the hero, exploring ideas of celebrity, consumerism, and nationalism. The authors employ the theoretical approaches of folklore, communications, semiotics,  and other areas of cultural studies. This book is of interest and importance far beyond its focus area of Eastern and Central Europe. (Jack Santino)



István Povedák

Introduction. From Heroes to Celebrities.

Problems of definition and potential solutions

Alexander Golozubov

Hero and anti-hero in the consumer society and the totalitarian states.

Philosophical-Anthropological analysis

Ildikó Landgraf

Lajos Kossuth in Hungarian Folk Narratives

Lina Gergova

Enlightenment Leaders Day. Subjects and Objects

Kjetil Rå Hauge

Named or unnamed, but not unsung. Bulgarian national heroes

Eva Krekovicova

The Image of the Highwayman Juraj Jánošík.

Slovak National Hero or Bandit?

István Kósa– László-Attila Hubbes – Csilla Dalma Zsigmond

A Postmodern Hero in Hungarian Social Media.

Ambrus Attila, the “Hungarian Robin Hood”. A comparative analysis of the “IWIW” profiles of the “Whisky Robber”

Alexander Ivanovic

From the Stands onto the Frontline.

The Story of how Hooligans became Heroes

Maria Vivod

Heroes of the Serbian nation.

How flamboyant nationalism influenced the rise of socially marginal individuals

András Máté-Tóth

Heroes of the Faith in the Hungarian Underground Church

Gábor Barna

Sándor Bálint.

Why a scholar is regarded as a saint in the 20th century: the case of Bálint Sándor

Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska

The Third Twin: a Post-Mortem Image of the Polish President Lech Kaczyński.

On the Performative Power of Mourning

István Povedák

One from us, one for us.

Viktor Orbán in Vernacular Culture

Francesca Rolandi

Between West and East.

The case study of Đorđe Marjanović

Neven Duvnjak

Marko Perković Thompson.

National Hero or Croatia’s Troublemaker?

Ana Stefanova

The phenomenon of the Metal Mayor

Dan Podjed

Slovenian Bubble Celebrities.

Establishing and Maintaining Celebrity Status on the Internet

Authors of the Book

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